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New Weaseltron Dev Blog

Posted by Webmaster On May - 4 - 2017

A coding blog page has been set up over at blogspot:

The purpose is to have a less formal place to put coding notes, opinions, findings, etc. and to generally engage, educate and inform other like-minded people. The plan is for it to be mainly coding based for now, though that can always change.

The first post is on a personal bug-bear: C++ compile speed which I’ve recently made drastic improvements with the internal WeaselTech library. Some of the changes aren’t revolutionary but I’ve always wondered what impact various changes make and now I (and you) know :-) . Let me know if you find it helpful. Sharing/comments are welcome.

DiRT 4 Added to ‘Projects’ page

Posted by Webmaster On May - 4 - 2017

Work has completed on the latest game and the GAMES page has been updated. Many thanks to friends at Codemasters and Red Kite Games as well as the best of luck with the success of this and future projects.

Grand Theft Auto V added to ‘GAMES’ page

Posted by Webmaster On July - 13 - 2015

Weaseltron provided specialist technical and graphical assistance in the making of Grand Theft Auto V. Details have been updated on the GAMES page.

Updated Games Page

Posted by Webmaster On November - 28 - 2011

The GAMES page has been updated to include the latest Weaseltron projects.

GDC 2010

Posted by Webmaster On February - 21 - 2010

We will be attending GDC this year

See the contact page to arrange meetings.

GDC 2010

GDC 2010