Weaseltron’s article proposal for the forthcoming book ‘Game Engine Gems’ has been accepted.

The article aims to help fill an area of games programming for which relatively little literature exists; covering the various design decisions. Accompanying the article will be base-level, extensible GUI code that could be understood and dropped in by anyone from the student to the seasoned professional.

The next step is for the article, “GUI Framework and Presentation layer” to be completed.

Here’s a breakdown of the book directly from the publisher’s website:

“Jones and Bartlett Publishers is pleased to announce a new series, Game Engine Gems, with Eric Lengyel as series editor. Game Engine Gems brings dozens of brand new articles from leading software engineering professionals together in a single volume. Each “gem” in this book presents a previously unpublished technique related to game engines and real-time virtual simulations, and each one is supported by many years of experience and wisdom possessed by the authors.”

The book is to be published for GDC 2010. The book’s editor is Eric Lyngel, a regular contributor to the popular Games Programming Gems series (Charles River Media), as well as author of several other game-related publications.



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