WeaselGui Released

17 - January - 2010

Pending publication of Game Engine Gems I in Feb., we’ve just made public the source code for the article ‘A Gui Framework and Presentation Layer’ which is now available here.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

WeaselGui is a small, lightweight and flexible, cross-platform drop-in GUI sub-system written in C++. As well as a GUI component, it also contains several other components – namely CONTROL, FONT, GFX, MATHS, STATE and UTILITY. Full source is available and licensed under the Lesser GPL licence.

WeaselGui is born of some of the Weaseltron internal technology ‘WeaselTech‘, which is a multiplatform game and graphics engine.

The source code is in C++ and licenced under the Lesser GPL (LGPL) license and is hosted on SourceForge.net. Pending interest from the community, the code is likely to be maintained and extended, so if you have any feature requests, mail us and we’ll prioritise it.

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