New Weaseltron Dev Blog

A coding blog page has been set up over at blogspot:
The purpose is to have a less formal place to put coding notes, opinions, findings, etc. and to generally engage, educate and inform other like-minded people. The plan is for it to be mainly coding based for now, though that can always change.
The first post [...]

DiRT 4 Added to ‘Projects’ page

Work has completed on the latest game and the GAMES page has been updated. Many thanks to friends at Codemasters and Red Kite Games as well as the best of luck with the success of this and future projects.

Grand Theft Auto V added to ‘GAMES’ page

Weaseltron provided specialist technical and graphical assistance in the making of Grand Theft Auto V. Details have been updated on the GAMES page.

WeaselGui Released

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Pending publication of Game Engine Gems I in Feb., we’ve just made public the source code for the article ‘A Gui Framework and Presentation Layer’ which is now available here. Here’s a brief excerpt: “WeaselGui is a small, lightweight and flexible, cross-platform drop-in GUI sub-system written in C++. As well as a GUI component, it also contains several other components – namely CONTROL, FONT, GFX, MATHS, STATE and UTILITY. Full source is available and licensed... more

New article on

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Alan, one of our programming team on the Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans project has written up an article on his time spent working at Weaseltron for the Game Career Guide website. Alan worked at Weaseltron during his ‘year in industry’ and his article hopefully shines a light on some issues that may help other people looking to do the same thing. ‘Crossing Ships’ on Game Career Guide You can see Alan’s website at or follow him on Twitter at @EmiugDev. Adrian  Read More →

Article to appear in Games Engine Gems

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Weaseltron’s article proposal for the forthcoming book ‘Game Engine Gems’ has been accepted. The article aims to help fill an area of games programming for which relatively little literature exists; covering the various design decisions. Accompanying the article will be base-level, extensible GUI code that could be understood and dropped in by anyone from the student to the seasoned professional. The next step is for the article, “GUI Framework and Presentation layer”... more

It’s been brought to our attention that the people at have produced reviews for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Dual Screen versions of Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans. The reviews are generally very positive focussing largely on the accessibility, branding, ease of play and unique control systems. Here’s a couple of quotes: Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans is the heavily branded, although annoyingly addictive pachinko come pinball game staring the fruity flavoured gelatin snacks.... more

New Website design

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As you’ve probably seen, the site has gone through extensive changes to give you more info, news and obligatory blogs on the developments here at Weaseltron Towers… Please have a good snoop around the site and feel free to send feedback (positive only, please) to  Read More →