Weaseltron can provide experience in all areas of game development – from full game development on single or multiple platforms – to simply the provision of services for programming, art, or design resource when the product really needs it.

Examples of Game Development services include:

  • Full game development using our proprietary ‘WeaselTech’ technology, engine and tool-chain, or through external engines.
  • Prototyping of game ideas – taking a game from a concept document or ‘drawing board’ to playable stage to determine the worthiness of the concept.
  • Licensed game production – developing a title based on a recognised brand or product.
  • Project completion – Help in the final stages of production for bug-fixing, patching, format holders technical requirement (TRC, TCR, Lotcheck) compliance.
  • Project management for scheduling, human resources, code-quality.
  • Platform conversions – With previous experience of bringing well known licenses and products to unexplored markets, we can help leverage existing new IP to new customers.

Outsourcing – Weaseltron can provide resources both from in-house and also through network of external developer resources with equally vast experience of disciplines across all platforms and genres.

  • Cutting-edge programming resources for current and next-gen platforms.
  • Industry-leading art resources.

Weaseltron’s experience of working with technology and platforms can be employed in many different ways, of which examples include:

  • Graphics –Shaders, lighting/shadowing systems, animations.
  • Multi-Threading – Expanding performance capabilities by scaling existing workload across the multicore architectures currently, and not-yet available.
  • Networking – Having specialised networking experience, we can take your product from a single player experience out to the masses from lobbying to the in-game network code.
  • AI – Computer controlled opponents, path-finding, agents, etc.
  • Optimisation – Profiling, identifying bottlenecks and optimisation of game and engine code.
June - 8 - 2009