Weaseltron Entertainment is a developer of games, games technology and interactive software on console and PC platforms. From AAA to casual titles, Weaseltron draws on years of experience with multi-million selling games to bring top-end development services to the games industry within a budget and within a time-frame.

By remaining independently owned as well as small and flexible in how and where we work, we are able to remain clearly focused on efficiently providing the highest quality products and services and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times by working both smart and hard.

Weaseltron Entertainment provide a wide range of services for the games and interactive entertainment industry, from full product development, through to contract services for products that simply require impetus – whether at the start, end, or for the full duration.

By working with industry-leading publishers such as Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Criterion, Amazon, Codemasters, Supermassive Games, Guerrilla Games and others, Weaseltron employees have, since 2008 used our cutting-edge experience on some of the best selling games and most well-known franchises such as Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto V, DiRT/Colin McRae Rally and Burnout: Paradise on all next-gen platforms to name but a few.

Where are Weaseltron?

Weaseltron are based in Leeds, one of the largest cities in the North of England and one of the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom and with great national and international transport links. See more information on our ‘Contacts’ page here.

We are like many teams distributed too.

What kind of work do Weaseltron do?

We pride ourselves in having an experienced team well beyond our expected reach. Though relatively small in number we’re  able to punch well above our weight in part due to having a streamlined environment where we allow developers to control their own decision making processes and in part due to having at our disposal some of the best developers in the region. We want to work with the best people on the best games and have the best time doing so. We want to learn. Though we’re a small team we’re not limited to just small parts of small games:

  • Complete engine rewrites
  • Shader upgrades
  • Platform Conversions
  • Optimization
  • Threading
  • Consultation
Why have I never heard of Weaseltron Entertainment?

It’s a good question. Some of the games we’ve worked on have gone on to make a lot in sales. You’d think a web search would uncover more information. The truth is that we haven’t really ever done publicity. We don’t do advertising. We don’t blow our own trumpet; perhaps we don’t do that as much as maybe we should.

Weaseltron was formed in 2007 and since then we have fostered a very good name for ourselves – for many of those years through the founder, owner Adrian Hirst working on many very well selling games. The personal networks formed over those years and further word of mouth has given us many strong work relationships to foster.

Since 2018 we have been growing with newer offices in Leeds City Centre and a growing group of partners.

How big is Weaseltron?

We’re not a large studio. We’re somewhere around half a dozen to a dozen people in size, though we have grown larger as the projects require we never intend to be the next mega-developer – we simply love what we do and want to do it in a way that works for us.

What makes Weaseltron successful?

We are independently owned so are able to choose our own projects that best fit the skills and desires of our staff.

We have a thin management structure that allows great developers do what they do best.

We are able to deliver on-time; and without ‘crunch’.

June - 18 - 2009